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As you age, you may feel like you’re losing your drive for the things you love. This is because our hormone levels begin to fall around the age of 30, putting us into a state of hibernation. With this hibernation come many unwanted symptoms such as low energy, poor motivation, depression, anxiety, weight gain, pain, decreased cognitive ability, and more.

Let’s put a stop to that by following our 4 step process below.


In order for us to know your medical history and your basic information, IWC created  a simple registration form where you answer couple basic questions.


After registering, we get to know each other. Schedule a session with one of our Healthcare Advisors. We will discuss your medical history and determine if you are a good candidate for HRT. We also discuss your Weight Loss progress and what your goals are. We can then decide on a suitable HRT or Weight Loss program just for you and get you started ASAP!


We can do lab results at  our  Montgomery office location or send you an at home blood work kit!(for additional cost). Pick whatever date and time is convenient for you during our work hours. The results give us a view of your current hormonal baseline and possible treatments to pursue where needed.


Dr. Khatri will call to discuss and go over your lab results. He will help you explore and customize a treatment plan to give you the best possible outcome according to your budget and goals. He will discuss the strength/dosages and how to administer the treatment. Once you have decided on a plan, the script will be sent off to your pharmacy for processing, and you will receive your treatment in the mail.


We get you started as soon as you can on testosterone treatments with regular follow-ups and tests every six months to check your improvement. Your monthly shipment of hormone treatments will be mailed to you, and the doctor will check in on you regularly to see how your treatment is going.


Dr. Khatri was great to deal with. I mentioned some issues I was having related to excess body fat, poor sleep(constantly tired), low sex drive, and an overall sense of irritability. Being that Chris(Dr. Khatri) was aware of my intensive training schedule(grappling and weight lifting), he suggested I have a blood panel done...the blood panel showed a healthy 37 yr old that just so happened to have low testosterone levels. I had some skepticism about how well it would improve my body composition and improve the physical relationship with my wife...but all of that was dispelled after 3-4 weeks of use.  There has been an overall improvement in my mental state, my body composition, my sleep, and my relationship with the wife. This is probably something I should have done years ago, but glad I held out...as working with Dr. Khatri is not like working with the doctors I've deal with in the past (none of which would even do a blood panel when asked). Its been a great experience working with Dr. Khatri and a great experience watching the improvements in myself over the past few months.


In early 2020, my wife and I were going on vacation. My wife bought me some new clothes. I was shocked to find that she bought me XXL shirts and 40 in. waist pants. I explained to her that these sizes could not be correct. After trying them on, she was right. So I decided after vacation to try and lose some weight. Between 2 kids and 2 jobs it was tough. My workouts were short and I didn’t have any energy to get through them. I’m in my mid 30’s and pretty healthy and active. I met Dr. Khatri not long after, and he told me about his program. Me and the wife decided to give it a try. It’s not instant success. It takes effort on your part as well. But in the 3 months since starting I have dropped 25 lbs and am able to have the energy to get off a twelve hour shift, and work out for 1-2 hours when I get home. As far as the sex drive. Well we are expecting our third child, in December.


Dr. Khatri is an excellent physician. He is very knowledgeable on a vast amount of medical information! He helped me finally feel normal again. He took my testosterone levels and they were low. He started me on a low does of testosterone therapy and I immediately began to feel and see results. 3 years later, I continue to be very pleased with my results. I would refer anyone to visit Dr. Khatri for a visit.


I reached out to Dr. Khatri and he sent me for blood work that came back exactly what I thought… Low T. He was extremely helpful and walked me through step by step on how to administer the medicine he prescribed and even took the time to show my wife. After prescribing the medication he continually reached out to me weekly to receive updates on my overall health and progress. Dr. Khatri goes above and beyond in his care for his patients.

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